Posted by: carterlakelife | July 14, 2010

Whistler – Day 3


   Today was a restful day.  We had decided that after the last two days of travel, that we wouldn’t plan anything and let the day unravel as it saw fit…catching up on sleep was my main objective.  A leisurely stroll through the village, a quick photo at the Olympic rings, brunch at a local restaurant and I was ready for a nap. 

   The Clock Tower where we are staying is right in the heart of Whistler, and as we found out yesterday, is only a 2 minute walk from both Blackcomb and Whistler Gondolas.  Tomorrow we will make our first trek up the mountain for some sight-seeing adventure.  The Whistler Golf Course is also within a 2 minute walk from where we are staying and Kevin as already inquired about late afternoon tee times. 
  The weather, as we Canadians are fond of mentioning, is typical summer (+20s during the day)  but cools off quite quickly in the evenings.  The stores post temperatures outside the shops, and yesterday it was 0.7 C at the Whistler restaurant.  Dressing in layers is definitely in order.
We are looking forward to checking out the different golf courses, hiking, zip-lining, shopping, and sight-seeing adventures.  We will be posting pictures to our facebook pages as well as a few here.  Kevin seems to be pretty adventureous and wants to rent mountain bikes and go white water kayaking.



  1. Why is every picture I see Kevin in he is either sitting or lying down. Sounds like the both of you are having a great time. You will have to tell us all about it in August.

    • Hey buddy, I don’t get many opportunities to relax that way, so I’m taking advantage of them. That and I know there will be many hours spent upright seeing the sights. We’re looking forward to seeing you guys in August!

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