Posted by: carterlakelife | July 26, 2010

Last Weekend in Whistler

We spent Friday evening after we checked in unpacking and getting ourselves organized in our new accommodations. We walked around the hotel to get familiar with the amenities and while our time in the studio apartment at the Clocktower was suitable for our needs and right in the middle of the Whistler village, our stay at the Hilton will be very comfortable. Spacious room with microwave, fridge and mini-dishwasher. The hotel has a pool, sauna and whirlpool facility that we will take advantage of and the room is just around the corner from the pool and the meeting rooms where the conference is being held. There is also a restaurant/lounge within the hotel that is supposed to be one of the best in Whistler as well. Pretty comfy!

Saturday we spent the morning and early part of the afternoon testing out the gym facilities (only 20 minutes – don’t want to wear myself out) and lounging poolside. The sky was clear, sun hot and the pool was refreshing. Later in the afternoon we discovered we may have lounged a little too long – we will have to avoid the sun for long periods of time for a day or two! We went out for a casual late afternoon dinner at the base of the Whistler mountain at one of the many restaurant patios and watched the people moving about the village and coming down off the mountain either from the gondola or finishing their rides on the mountain bike trails. We then returned to the room to get out of the sun and spend a casual evening.

Sunday was intended to visit the local Farmer’s Market in the morning, but the fact that we spent a little too much time in the sun on Saturday slowed our activity. We met Glen, Jamie, Mack and Jesse (Kirsten’s uncle, his wife and their kids) at The Old Spaghetti Factory for lunch and then went for a walk through the village with them for an hour while they waited to check into their room at The Crystal Lodge not far from our accommodation. They are spending the night and planning for the boys (and Glen) to do some mountain biking down the trails on Whistler Mountain.

Kirsten is attending the opening session of her conference this evening for a couple of hours and we will then spend some more time visiting with Glen, Jamie et al later this evening.

While Kirsten is enjoying her middle school conference tomorrow, I am hoping to get in a round of golf at the Whistler course which is right across the street. That is if the sunburn I have on my shoulders and previously ghost white, but now lobster pink belly will allow me to swing without my skin splitting.

Gotta go – more lotion to apply!


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