Posted by: carterlakelife | July 26, 2010

More new Whistler experiences

So, if you read the previous blog post, you will know that we spent part of Sunday evening visiting with Kirsten’s uncle and his family at their hotel room which is in the main building across the street from the Hilton where we are staying. Actually, the fact that we were right across the street was discovered as we took a short cut through the back of the building on our way back to our room at around 11:30 p.m.. A few short steps down the street to a side stairwell that comes up just across the main entrance area of the Hilton through a nice flower garden and we would be back home. We took the few steps down the street, realized where we were and said to ourselves that we didn’t think we were that close. I bounded up the first 5 or 6 of the approximately 20 steps up to the main entrance, looked up and was staring into the face of a black bear. Now, I’m a prairie boy, but have never been a hunter, so my experiences with direct contact with wildlife are quite limited. Needless to say, but I stepped back off of the stairs and watched the bear roam into the flower garden and start chewing on the grass/shrubs that were planted within. We took another look and Kirsten and I both confirmed it was definitely a bear and we moved up the lane to enter from the main driveway into the hotel. When we looked back we saw a young guy  bound across the road that we had just come down and up the same set of stairs that I had just abandoned. He definitely saw the bear as we could hear him clapping his hands to try to scare it away. When he entered the hotel he advised the doormen and they were coming out to check out the story when we walked up and confirmed our sighting. Meanwhile, the bear had made its’ way down to the street that we had just come out and was wandering away. In our conversation with the hotel guys, they did not seem very worried about the situation stating that as long as no-one got between the baby and the mom, everything would be fine. There are 55-60 resident bears in the Whistler area and they roam around in the village on occasion. As one of the hotel guys put it, the bears were here long before we were. Regardless, an interesting experience nonetheless.


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