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New Year, New Goals

It is a new year, and so many things have happened so far.  Everyone makes some sort of goal for the new year, most of us want to get healthier and lose weight..far be it from me to break the norm.  This could be the year that I actually make myself a priority and find out what it is that makes me happy. 

February started with the first surgery on my right hand.  Carpal tunnel syndrome runs in my family and I suffer from it in both of my hands.  Six weeks off of work with my first hand brings me to the end of March and although the first 3 weeks were very tough, I am starting to test the limits more and more each day.  The surgery was a success, but I still don’t have the strength back fully yet and I am a little worried about what the second surgery will be like.

What bothers me most is the loss of independence.  Friends and family have really been there for me and have helped me out with the simple every day things.  I can’t thank them enough. 

So while I am off work, I have had a lot of time to think and plan and drive myself and my husband crazy.  Although I can’t do much around the house and was quite nervous to venture outside, I have watched some really terrible day time TV, movies, attended some webinars and read many books.    Through trial and error, I have taught myself how to brew the best coffee. 

I am still teaching myself to cook when I can’t cut or chop anything quite yet and I have just started to open a can.  I still can’t open a jar or twist off a sticky cap, but I am finding ways around it.  I am used to doing so many things myself without help from anyone else, and it has been a learning experience for both myself and my husband.

So with time on my hands, I have had time to think about what I want to accomplish this year.  Putting myself forward and taking risks has never been easy for me, but I am willing to give it a try.  1) Health – what does it mean to be healthy?  Eating right means cutting back the portions, eating more veggies and less fat.  Getting active and finding activities that make me happy. 

Ah, the promise of new things to come….

Posted by: carterlakelife | November 8, 2009

Baby News

My brother and sister-in-law in Iceland had their first little one today at 11:43 AM.  I am so excited for them! 
Harold Paul Peter Nickel has officially arrived in our world and I can’t wait to meet him. 

Eventhough we were all prepared for the phone call, I was overcome with emotion when my brother called at 11:45 AM Canada time… how cool is that?!  There were many tears,  I didn’t know what to say…  I’m not usually at a loss for words but I was truely struck dumb at the time. 

Elisabet is an amazing woman.  I am so happy for you!  You are a blessing in my brother’s life and ours as well.  
I am so happy to hear that everyone is doing well and is happy and healthy. 

Again, I am rambling …. still so emotional.  The sky is bright blue and the sun is out, it really couldn’t get much better than this.  Life is good.

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Halloween 09

Happy Halloween!  We’ve had more kids out tonight than we have had in a long time, I am guessing that it has to do with Halloween falling on a Saturday night.  It is nice to see students from school and children of close friends stop by.  The pumpkins that we carved at school make up a pumpkin patch in our front yard. 

Have a safe Halloween!

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Published Photograph

In the June-July 2009 issue of Our Canada magazine, you will find my
first published photograph.  The picture is of Anika Badowski, my friend’s little girl. 
I love taking photographs and am so happy to have one published.

Our Canada  magazine

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Thursday evening was the world premiere of I BELIEVE.  The concert was amazing!  Thanks to Manitoba Education Citizenship and Youth, teachers  were invited to the concert and 50 of us received teacher training the next day. 

Click here for more information about I BELIEVE
To listen to parts of the concert click here  CBC Music On Demand

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Cottage Life

We had a great weekend at the lake with friends from the Valley.  The weather was cool but that didn’t stop us from exploring pond life, taking walks and hiking the hill.  Smores are always a hit at the lake and we added “dirt cake” to our list of must have items.  Sugar wishes finish off the evening and the kids are off to bed, then the adults get a chance to visit some more around the fire until we’ve told all our stories and solved all the problems.  

May long weekend is always the beginning of cottage season for us and therefore very special.  I love getting up early and reading in the sun room, listen to the birds and relax.  Summer vacation is going to be busy this year, but time at the lake will always be special.

Hope to see you at the lake.

Posted by: carterlakelife | May 12, 2009

Rachel’s Challenge

Today was a profound day in my life.  Craig Scott was a student in Columbine High School 10 years ago and survived that horrific day. Craig’s sister, Rachel Joy Scott, was the first person killed at Columbine.   Today, Craig spoke to our school division about that day and more importantly, about his sister and her challenge.  I encourage you to learn more about Rachel’s Challenge and what you can do to make this a better world.  Rachel’s Challenge Website

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Opening Day

We made it to the lake this weekend to open up the cabin for the season.  As you can see, there is still slush on the lake.
This week will be a busy one, which will make the long weekend that much better.  We all need a rest, I hope you all have a great weekend too.

Lake in spring

Lake in spring

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My Spring Office


Spring Office It is now warm enough for me to move my office outside on a more permanent basis.  In the mornings I enjoy taking my coffee outside to the patio to listen to the bird and maybe check on a few emails and twitters, I love the more relaxed mornings.  In the evenings Minou (pictured here) often comes around to check on me to give me a break from marking.  It is crunch time at school, we have 2 months left and a lot of curriculum to cram into the heads of students before they move on to the next grade or next school. 

Minou   I have taken up walking during noon breaks as much as possible.  Soon, I won’t have any students in the lab during noon hours which will allow me a little more free time and a more leisurely lunch break.  I find myself digging out the Cottage Life magazines and gardening books in my spare time and feel distracted.  I have plans to upgrade the gardens this summer and maybe do some planting at the lake as well.  Summer vacation can’t seem to come soon enough.
It is a double edged sword, summer vacation.  Although I say goodbye to this teaching year, I know I will have a lot of prep work ahead during the summer months. 

Golfing will be a welcome distraction for me this summer.  I bought Kevin and I a couples pass to our local club and I am looking forward to getting out with friends more often.  Early mornings will be my preference, I’m not sure how many of my friends will join me for morning coffee and a walk around the course. 



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Summer Video from 2008

Wellman Lake 2008

After a long winter, I am looking forward to going to the cabin at Wellman Lake.  Looking through my pictures from last year just makes the wait seem a little longer.  We will be heading to the lake in May to get things cleaned up and then officially open the cabin on the long weekend.  So much to do before then!

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